photo of actual generator installed


If anyone claims that Medicaid doesn’t purchase whole-house generators for the disabled, know that this is not entirely true.  God gave me enough strength to wage a two year battle to prove otherwise, and now I can help others in similar situations.


Below is an “authorized provider” in central Ohio that Medicaid / Waiver will work with in acquiring a whole-house generator.  (It is still wise to contact an authorized provider for a quote before asking Medicaid / Waiver to fund it, so you can insure that the service remains under the $10,000 cost cap.)

Be certain to appeal any Medicaid / Waiver decision against a generator that would power your whole house, as a previous hearing officer ruled that a “central furnace” is essential to keeping you “safely in the community.”  Download this decision here to present this fact to Medicaid / Waiver:

Mid-Ohio Generators
Stephen D. McCathern , Owner
3084 Columbus Road
Centerburg, OH 43011
Phone: (614) 452-1841

This web site is for informational purposes only.  It details how to acquire funding for a whole-house generator for the disabled in the Ohio Home Care Program — run by Case Management Agencies like Caresource and Carestar.  As government agencies are often unpredictable and unreliable, there is no guarantee that a generator will be provided using this information.

One must also take into consideration that any Case Management Agency is subcontracted by Medicaid. Much like the Veteran’s Administration (VA), their success ratings and bonuses increase as funding for the disabled decrease.

The information and steps on this web site should also apply to Medicaid Waiver programs in other states.  Start by doing an Internet search for “Medicaid Waiver” — and your state’s name — to find your specific agency handling “home modifications” and “assistive/adaptive devices.”

Above is a photo of the actual 18kW Generac generator installed at my residence.